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Minding the Gaps – Why You Should Have “Gig Consultants” in Your Rolodex

Business transformation is redefining the function and purpose of B2B marketing communications. Once tightly defined, discrete workstreams are converging into an integrated mix that is all too often immature in formation and lacking in rational operating rules. Until integrations are more fully evolved, B2B communications leaders, both in-house and agency, will face three inconvenient truths:

  • Business models are in continual flux and budgets are volatile

  • Campaigns are shifting from planned, comprehensive long-range rollouts to short-burst agile activations that come with sprints, lulls and pivots

  • B2B talent capable of working across the mix is hard to find and harder to develop

These realities create uncertainty and risk aversion that can lead to serious resource gaps in marketing department staffing. A smart way to manage these gaps is to have a ready list of seasoned, credentialed independent “gig consultants” on hand to jump in and carry the ball.

Here are some of the most onerous pain points and how using gig professionals can help you deal with them:

Fear of commitment: as businesses reallocate resources dynamically to respond to market shifts, budgets also shift making long-term service agreements risky. This is particularly true for marketing departments that are often first on the chopping block when budgets are realigned. Gig consultants are low-risk and commitment-free. When priorities and budgets are in flux they can come in, get the job done and step out.

Tyranny of the urgent: communications teams are constantly putting out fires – often at the expense of strategic priorities and innovative initiatives that are supposed to drive the business and are the crux of your KPIs. Gig consultants can help you deal with the urgent, so you can focus on priorities. They ramp up quickly, help you put out fires, and take on your backlogged and orphaned projects so all your KPIs are met.

Too many masters: when strained communications departments can’t meet the demands of multiple business groups, lower priority internal clients feel unloved and are vocal about it. Gig consultants can take care of your “orphan” business groups without breaking the budget or sacrificing quality.

The not so hidden B2B talent gap: let’s face it, finding communications professionals with fully-developed B2B communications strengths is challenging. Hiring cycles can be months long. It’s also difficult to teach young PR professionals how to think and behave like a B2B marketer. Talent gaps lead to slow/no forward movement on priority projects for brands and make it hard for agencies to win, stand up, and sustain B2B business. Gig consultants can cover hiring gaps, onboard your new hire and train your junior people.

Whether it’s by design or by necessity, your marketing department is transforming, and resource gaps will happen. If your talent management strategy includes independent gig consultants, you can have world-class communications expertise that is agile, flexible and scalable to your short and long-term needs.

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